The conversation about changing the number of congressional House seats is best done well before the 2030 census.

How many citizens does each representative represent?  It depends, a lot.  In RI and MT, each represents 500K, in WY it’s 580K, and finally, 778K in FL.  Is a maximum surface area for each congressional district a good idea?  Here are two other ideas.

The Wyoming Rule:  set the exchange rate at the population of WY.  This would grow the House from 435 to 572.  Wyoming would always have one seat, and the states have 37 new seats to fight over now.  As WY grew, so too would the size of the House.

The Cube Root Law:  the number of representatives = (population of US)^(1/3).  Apportion or assign to states proportional to the population of each — status quo.  We would need 692 seats today.

A bill has been introduced to adopt the Wyoming Rule — Rep. Sean Casten (D-Ill.) Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.).  Read more about more methods to choose the size. of the House>>>


Opinion: Just how big should the House be? It’s math

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