This opinion piece calls for a return to conventions complaining that the 2024 primaries are virtually set almost a year before the General Election.  Read more>>>

More background:  Today’s primary system arose from dissatisfaction with the convention of 1968.   In 1968 the incumbent President Johnson ( eventually) withdrew from the race and candidate Robert Kennedy was assassinated.  In April, well after most primaries were over, Mr. Humphrey entered the race.  He was chosen over two anti-war candidates, Eugene McCarthy and George McGovern.

The 1972 Democratic primaries were the first “modern” election.  The major change —  electing delegates that represented the voters in each state resembled — is in place today.  The 1980 Democratic primaries — Jimmy Carter v. Edward Kennedy — was the last time the candidate was undecided going into the convention.


Primaries: Not the most democratic way to choose

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