Does your (household) income not exceed 125% of your county — $128,400 in Teton Co — or the statewide median income — $86,400 in WY & Albany Co — you may be eligible to receive a refund on last year’s property tax.

The application process for refunds went live on April 1 and can be procured by calling The State Revenue Department office at 307-777-7320, going online to, or from your local county treasurer’s office. Application deadline for tax year 2022 refunds is June 5.  Qualifications below.

  1. Own your home
  2. WY resident for 5 years
  3. Paid 2022 property taxes

If your total property tax bill < 10% of your total household income, then you must meet an asset limit < $150,000 per adult household member, e.g., other real estate, bank accounts and investments.  This limit excludes the value of your home, a car for each adult household member & retirement accounts such as IRA’s & 401K plans

Property Tax Refunds now open — 2023 legislative change

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