Major gun rights cases since 2008 have expanded gun rights.  This decision, with Chief Justice Roberts writing the majority decision, upholds a law saying that domestic abusers may be disarmed.  Specifically, people subject to restraining orders due to domestic abuse may also be disarmed.

A 2022 decision established a test for gun control laws that looked to historical practices to determine constitutionality. Today, Chief Justice Roberts modified the test:  “Since the founding, our nation’s firearm laws have included provisions preventing individuals who threaten physical harm to others from misusing firearms.”

Justice Thomas was the one dissenting vote.  He said, “The court and government do not point to a single historical law revoking a citizen’s Second Amendment right based on possible interpersonal violence.”

The court’s three liberal judges welcome this change to the test, saying that Justice Thomas’s “dissent would make the historical inquiry so exacting as to be useless.”  Read more>>>


SCOTUS: 16-year retreat with 8-1 ruling that there are limits to the 2nd amendments

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