The WY notary law was changed by the WY legislature in 2021.   You might remember that the rules were loosened to accommodate voter circumstances due to covid.  Specifically, the changes included:

  1. Remote notarizations online (“RON”) and in ink (“RIN”) were allowed.
  2. New rules to obtain a notary “commission” that is based on an online exam and issued by the Secretary of State — SoS.  No provision was made to allow the SoS or law enforcement to cancel or terminate the commission.

Besides being a federal intervention, concerns expressed to the notary’s national group include the relaxation of uniform tech requirements.   Read more>>>

In correspondence with Senator Barrasso, Gray objects to the customer identification processes allowed.  In particular, a “process or service” is required or the presence of “a witness.”

Secretary Gray asks WY senators to vote “no” on the SECURE Notarization Act

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