SCOTUS announced it would reconsider the 1984 Chevron v.  Natural Resources Defense CouncilChevron is among the most cited cases in federal courts because it protects trained experts from judges’ “second guesses.”  Deregulation advocates and Justice Gorsuch have all chafed at Chevron.  Their decision could change how the federal government operates.

The Brennan Center notes Justice Gorsuch’s interest may link to his mother’s work during the Reagan administration.  Anne Gorsuch was Administrator of the EPA 1981-83.  She objected to EPA’s overreach and believed in a down-sizing government.  She reduced the agency’s budget and the number of cases against polluters, hired from within the offending industries, and ultimately resigned under pressure from Congress.  A surprising side note would be that Mrs. Gorsuch was born in Casper.

The Brennan Center: Which cases are chosen, and not, is also news

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