Turns out that state and city flags fail most rules for for good design.  For example, 24 states had/have seals somewhere on the field but seals shouldn’t be anywhere.  Designer Roman Mars has an incredible TED talk that inspires officials to start working on a better flag.  He also believes “[if] you had a great city flag, you would have a banner for people to rally under to face those more important things.”  The Canadian flag is his gold standard.  Likewise the City of Chicago’s flag.  Not the San Francisco flag.   Milwaukee for sure, not.  Pocatello has to get another flag.


Is it time for WY, or its 23 counties, or those (few) municipalities that have flags to redo them?  You may be surprised that one municipality might comply with those rules.  Is their symbolism distinctive enough?  Maybe not.




Utah has a new state flag, once mocked as the kitchen sink

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