LWVUS offers a variety of interest (Google) groups that often have regular zoom meetings.

A few of those groups are:

  1. LWVUS Immigration Discussion Group (140 members). The LWVUS adopted a position on immigration in 2006 following an in-depth study.   This discussion group aims to share information about the implementation of new immigration policies in our various states and localities.  One area of interest is how undocumented immigrants who re-enter the U.S. are treated.  Another is the legal process afforded to immigrants who have fled their homeland because of crime or gang violence.
  2. Health Care Reform (HC4U — 186 members).  Welcome to the LWVUS Health Care Reform Google Group. This group encourages League members to network and share information, questions, and resources about healthcare reform and behavioral health efforts nationwide.
  3. LWV Redistricting (125 members — inactive since 8/2021).  If you believe politicians shouldn’t be allowed to manipulate elections by drawing their own maps and choosing their voters, then you’re in the right group! This online community forum is for sharing how we can fix this problem so that there is equal voting power and fair representation.
  4. LWV Rural Affairs (78 members)
Would you like to join a LWV discussion group?

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