Board Officers were elected:  Kim Sorenson(Chair), Beth Bear(V Chair), Janice Marshall(Clerk) & Nate Martin(Treasurer).  New Board members–Alex Kassin & Carrie Murthy–also voted.

Early item:  results of the Fall 2022, Climate Survey. Roughly half of the students feel out-of-place, two-thirds witnessed harassment on the school grounds, one-third experienced or their children experienced verbal harassment on the school grounds, and 10% were physically threatened by other students. Fewer than half are proud of the school they attend.

During the meeting Superintendent Goldhardt emphasized the perception gap between students and teachers:  how well can teachers judge success of future interventions?  Climate surveys are routinely given all over WY.  Do we have any comparisons?  Read more>>>

Culture & Climate Study at ACSD#1

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