Happy Birthday CT

Did you know?
1. CT joined the Union on Jan 9, 1788, as the 5th State
2. CT population increased by 31,847 from 2010-2020
3. The state flower is the Mountain Laurel

Only 5.9% of their population lack health insurance versus 9.2%


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City, county consider redrawing ward boundaries

Laramie must redefine the boundaries of its three City Council Wards. 10 years ago each contained about 10K residents. Today West Laramie has 12K while Wards 1 & 2 have shrunk to 9000 each.

On Nov 30 the City Council hosted a work session for each Ward.  Substantial changes were suggested, including viewing Laramie from 4 cardinal directions versus the three considered 2012 planning, i.e., East, West, and In-between.



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Who Are the Adults Not Vaccinated Against COVID?

Since April the Census Bureau has surveyed over 1M and one line of inquiry is who isn’t vaccinated. I was very surprised to learn that 85% have received at least one shot of a vaccine. I was also surprised by the attributes that this group shares, e.g., they are more likely to be unmarried.


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Migrants separated from their children are reunited

In 2018, an estimated 5500 children were separated from their families at the southern US border. All but 1000 were quickly rejoined to families, and now, at the end of 2021, 100 more families are reunited leaving only 350 cases still open.


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More Than Half of U.S. Counties Were Smaller in 2020 Than in 2010

More fun facts:
1) Notable fast-growing areas were counties in western North Dakota, led by McKenzie County which grew by 131%
2) Los Angeles County is again the largest county increasing to over 10.0 million-person
3) California was the most populous state — 39.5 million
4) The Villages in Florida grew the fastest, followed by Austin-Round Rock-Georgetown, TX; St. George, UT; Greeley, CO; and Myrtle Beach-Conway-North Myrtle Beach, SC-NC
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A Message from the WY DOE:

In recognition of Estelle Reel, the first woman elected and to hold the office of state superintendent of public instruction in Wyoming, and the second woman elected and to hold a statewide office in the United States, January 7 of each year is designated as “Estelle Reel Day.”

Challenge: Let’s learn about this WY woman and then plan how to celebrate her spirit.


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Missouri LWV Shares Nonpartisan Legislative District Maps

Federal House seats represent approx 760,000 voters. Missouri’s House seats are close to average. MO districts represent 769,884 voters.
The maps submitted by the LWV of Missouri for the 8 representatives had a maximum deviation of no more than 4000. Their senate seats each represent over 3 million voters. For comparison, WY’s Representative represents approx 577,000 voters. Our senators represent half this amount, 288,500 voters.



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Might all western states enhance their scenic highways using Idaho’s Campaign with updated road signs?

Idaho has 240 highway markers, mostly erected 1956-1986. As this signage ages, it’s replaced with more accurate and nuanced markers. As an example, the diary of Scottish explorer John Shaw is included on one sign:

“It appeared to us probably that no human being had ever trodden in that path before. But we were soon undeceived, for we had not been many hours there before my people, going about their horses, found a pheasant (grouse) with a fresh arrow in it and not yet dead. So, at the moment we were indulging in such an idea, the Indians might have been within 50 yards of us!”


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Redistricting that reflects NJ’s racial and ethnic makeup

The Princeton Gerrymandering Project is a big change in this census cycle. It’s a non-profit fair mapping advocate group that extends help to all 50 states, including WY. In NJ, they formed a state-wide coalition including the LWVNJ.

Will the official redistricting committee will consider the coalition’s map? Will their own map will resemble that of the coalition. Fun fact: District 12 contains a community of interest they labeled college-centric as there are 4 major schools in that district.


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Ohio House State Gov’t Comm Releases Draft Congressional Map

Here is an amazing redistricting map (for Ohio federal House). ALL 17 districts are essentially equal in size. This map was released today by the PA House State Gov Comm. It was drawn by citizen activist Amanda Holt. Over 7200 maps were submitted by other citizen activists.

This PA House State Gov Comm has been asked to release a narrative explaining “why some districts look as they do.” The PA Senate Gov Comm has yet to release its preliminary map.

Amanda is a 30-something music teacher. Catch her story: https://drawthelinespa.org/about-us/video-the-amanda-holt-story



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