Superintendent of Education Degenfelder testified before the Joint Education Committee to explain her new K12 plan and the six areas in which goals are defined.  The Secretary embellished enough on area #1 to mention critical race theory and phonics education in literacy,

  1. Parental empowerment & eliminating political bias
  2. Preparing students for jobs through career & technical education
  3. Developing citizenship for students
  4. Reducing bureaucracy & creating efficiencies
  5. Valuing and supporting teachers
  6. Improving outcomes through early literacy

Rothfuss explained why 25% of the WY citizens would see some of her labels are politically biased and so her new program as biased.   In explaining the first area, the Secretary mentioned many hot button words, e.g., parental rights, health issues, appropriate library books, political agendas, more choice, school choice,

Senator Rothfuss questions Degenfelder about trans cornerstone of her K-12 plan

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