This is the video recording of the 3/22/2023 installment of “Women on Wednesdays” co-hosted by the First Ladies Initiative.  We watch a conversation with Rebecca Boggs Roberts, noted historian on women’s suffrage, about her book, Untold Power: The Fascinating Rise and Complex Legacy of First Lady Edith Wilson

Mrs. Wilson assumed the presidency while her husband was ill and that was just before suffrage was won.  We learn that in her unassuming fashion, she wielded power.  Watch here>>>

“Edith spent a lot of time minimizing what she did, and when she did admit to what she called her stewardship, she couched it entirely as being the best Mrs. Wilson she could be – that she was fighting for her husband, and nation be damned. That version of her was bought by a lot of people – she couldn’t possibly have real power, she was just standing by her man.”

The fascinating Rise & Complex Legacy of First Lady Edith Wilson

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